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Several years ago, after raising a couple of kids, I became interested in the role of genetics in determining who we were.  In order to explore this area, I decided that I really needed to know a little more about the people from whom I descended.  The Warwick side of the family has been researched by my cousin, Al Jarvis.  So I concentrated on my mother's side of the family who had the last name of "Swiss".  When I first started this project, there were no researchers looking at this family.  Now there are many websites, most of which contain my data altered to fit the author's fantasy...including the picture of my grandmother attached to some other family!  Gives credence to the saying "If you find it on the internet, it has to be true".  Of course, none of the data found on other sites has any documentation about their sources. 

There are two websites that contain my family research.  The Family site is password protected for family member's use because it contains information about living people. The Public site contains family information without the data about family members who are still living.  This site is completely viewable by the public.

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